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School Examinations

Nursery to Std. VIII: - There will be two rounds of Unit Tests consisting of 20 marks each. First and Final Terms will be of 80 marks each. Total evaluation for the academic session would be 200 marks.
Std. IX and X:- There will be 2 terms - First, and Second. Each term would comprise 100 marks each.
Std. XI and XII: - 


Teaching Staff 

St. Paul's Academy has a strong team of qualified and experienced teaching staff.

The 10th Orientation Day 2018-19 (2).JPG


Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Computer laboratories in St. Paul's Academy are well equipped. There are two computer lab in St/ Paul's Academy - one for junior level classes, the second one is for middle level classes and senior students of St. Paul's Academy.


Parent's Night

Parent's Night is one of the most interesting functions at St. Paul's Academy. Parent's Night normally continues for 4 days and students and staff of St. Paul's Academy perform in the function.

Parents night

Sports and Other Activities

At St. Paul's Academy, students are encouraged to recognise their God given talents and are encouraged to develop them.
In St. Paul's sports and athletics are encouraged since we believe that these develop team spirit, discipline, sportsmanship, fair play all of which are important for success in life. We also encourage dramatics, karate, art and craft, music and dance which help out students to discover their talents and foster them. Drill and physical education too are daily features at St. Paul's.
St. Paul's Academy has its own football and volleyball ground.



Fee Structure

School Fee Structure: 2022 - 2023

Please note these for the new Academic Session 2023 - 2024

The last date for payment of monthly fees is 20th of every month.

All the fees including transport fees are subject to upward revision from time to time. Fees once paid is not refundable. The transport charges may be further hiked in the event of steep hike in fuel prices, during the Academic Session., subject to one month's advance notice.

Late fine of Rs. 30 per month cumilatively will be charged after due date. Defaulter in fees after two have to pay a re-admission fee of Rs. 2000/- along with late fines.

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