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Dear Readers,

May I take this opportunity to announce that our St. Paul’s Academy is going to complete its glorious 7th year in March, 2015. The school has witnessed sheer exuberance of celebrated human integrity, pragmatic changes in the family, changes in society and in the Nation. This school in the year of 2008 started with a motto “Dare to Dream” to deliver value based education to the society with the essence of integrity at its core. We are all happy at the achievement of the Affiliation of our school to The council for Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi.

Now, the world around us is changing at lighting speed, often without any time to catch our breath. The need at present is to develop skills to adapt to the changes. Especially in the line of education, one can notice a sea change in many areas. We feel the need of new techniques of teaching, new approaches and new attitudes to meet the need of our young ones.

A school magazine contains the ethos and belief of the school. It is the fruit of the team work to make good and beautiful. Choosing the contents which have reached us is a difficult task. I hope you will enjoy reading these efforts of our young students as much as our editors have enjoyed compiling them for you, in the 5th school annual – “Visage”.

 I congratulate and express my deep gratitude to all the staff members of our school for encouragement and nurturing that they have extended to the young ones, to make this Endeavour possible. My Sincere thanks to all the parents / guardians for their continuous moral support, cooperation and patience that really motivate us to work tirelessly to make our Dream true.

“Dreams – the biggest vehicle of change”. We can’t change the direction of the wind, but we can adjust the sails to reach our destination. My best wishes and thanks to all.


Mr. Sanjay Kumar Gupta


St. Paul’s Academy

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